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House Call Doctor and Important Things to Know

In the 1960s, you can certainly call a doctor to your house with only a phone call. Well, this changed over time. It became harder for doctors to travel particularly to long distances in order to visit the patients. Through such expansion of medical services, you can now find a lot of medical practitioners who worked in those group practices and medical care. With such passing of time, such burden on the US healthcare system keeps growing along with those patients having difficulty to go to the physician offices and the hospitals as well. Because of this, there are now many physicians who are turning towards the house calls. As what you can see, a lot of the treatments today are more on hospital stay. For those emergency cases, patients are turning to hospitals for them to have reliable care.

Moreover, there are patients who would go for the emergency rooms and the nearby clinics if the physicians are not available for house calls. In the hospitals, the people are actually receiving individualized care. Through the increasing hospital visits, the people start to approach such concierge doctors for them to save time on the treatment and also to prevent getting hospitalized. The patients are being diverted to the ambulatory clinics as well in order to have such increased patient volume to the hospitals.

Doctors can now be called to visit the home of the patients since there are now more physicians who are choosing to be house call doctors. You must know that the reimbursement that the house call doctors are getting is also increasing. The trend of doctors or the physicians at home is back because of the reason that patient would need care at home. After 1960s, doctors were actually making less house calls to their patients due to such pressures which are related to money and also time. Home visits would really help the doctors to diagnose and treat the health conditions. Healthcare costs are also rising in the US and for this reason, the patients are moving to concierge medicine to be able to manage this. Such average lifespan of the Americans is longer and also the elderly will have to pay more for healthcare. This kind of trend is expected to continue further.

House call doctors are attending to their patients who have fever, stomach pain, injury that needs stitches and other complaints as well. Such kind of disease may also be treated by such concierge physician but the emergency room visits would include these complaints. So many reputed companies in the US have that physician call services for the workers. There are doctors and nurses that are sent to their employees with computers used for diagnosing as well as treating those health problems. A computer program is used to know which cases may be treated by the house call doctors.

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